There are billions of sperm cells that will start the flight

Swimming through a very hostile canal of birth
And as it starts to separate the strong from the weak
Yours will meet up with the egg that awaits at the end

When it all started only those two cells bear your name
Tell me is thinking even possible without a brain?
And yet you hurried out of the fallopian tube all the same
Knowing to implant yourself or be tossed down the drain

You replicate quickly and you instinctively know
That dying is easy but surviving is very hard
And all this could end with one bad nucleic strand
You are like a cellular ninja that keeps hanging around

You spent nine months in water but only five minutes to breathe air
All these things you accomplished long before you knew fear
Amazing awareness though you do not have conscious self
First cry was on your birthday to announce that you are here

In the very early hours you are still blind and quite deaf
And yet instinctively you reach for your mother’s milk.
Armed with bodily systems that will help you adapt
To the ups and downs that you don’t know but lay in your path

You maintain your focus and you continue to grow
Sixty seconds to sixty minutes, twenty-four hours to the next day
You continue to evolve, you change and you continue to learn.
Seven days to the next week and fifty-two weeks to the next year

At every stage of this new existence you have been met
By many, many, countless perils littering your path
Despite what sometimes seemed like unsurmountable odds
You are still around,
you have won the lottery, the lottery of your life

At last comes consciousness, you say why, how and who
Everyday you discover something new that helps define you
And now so many questions about things you should do
You soon find so many questions but the answers are few

Now so many people seem to have more things than you
Now that your brain is working I sometimes hear you say

How you are so very tired of losing at work and at play
And you no longer look forward to a brand new day

So my dear “alive” loser who continues to win
Enjoy the gift of whining that you give to yourself
For your sense of losing is the fruit of winning
And remember all the sperm cells and eggs that didn’t make it here.